Tech Tutor USA provides active-learning tutoring that is specifically designed “by” a baby-boomer and senior — “for” baby-boomers and seniors, so they can use their devices, software, and video-chatting technology confidently. Devices, systems, and software subjects include…

  • iPhone: (Sorry no Android)
  • iPad: 
  • iWatch: 
  • iMac and MacBook: Desktop and Laptop
  • YouTube: How to watch movies
  • Google: How to search for just about anything
  • Zoom: Video chatting with friends, and family

Realizing that people are at different levels of experience and understanding, our learning sessions begin with the on/off button. Watch this 1-minute video. Read this recent article. Listen to and subscribe to our podcast on Spotify

A typical tutoring session is 60-75 minutes long and includes hands-on or visual instruction at a very-slow-pace to assure understanding before we move on. Sessions are generally paced no faster than the slowest learner.


$75 for individual baby-steps tutoring, printed instruction, handouts, and reference materials. $250.00 for groups of 10+. Includes customized invitation from you to your group, and FREE consulting for attendees about class content for 10-days after the class.

Order Richard’s latest book, Google Something Every Day: Unlock the power of continuous learning at any age.

Contact Richard Erschik by phone or text at 630-642-6500 or by email at with questions or to schedule a tutoring session.


*This training makes an excellent gift for parents and grandparents. Or, if you live in a multi-family community, or work in an employee friendly organization, you may want to organize a group tutoring session.

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