SENIOR teaches SENIORS how to use their mysterious and sometimes frightening iPhones and iPads

NO more FRUSTRATION for seniors who feel that they are behind the curve of today’s technology.

In this exclusive training class, conducted BY a senior FOR seniors, attendees learn how to use the exciting features of these revolutionary computing and communication devices including…

  • ON/OFF button: How to power the device on and off and how to reboot
  • HOME screen: How the home screen is the start of all activities
  • APPS: What APPS are, how to use them, and how to download them
  • E-MAIL: How to use e-mail on your phone (after you are signed up with a provider)
  • TEXT: How to use text to communicate with family and friends
  • MAPS: How to generate maps and driving instructions to anywhere in the USA
  • CAMERA: How to take stunning photos and videos and how to save them on your device

Realizing that people are at different levels of experience and understanding, this active-learning session progresses at a pace no faster then the slowest learner, and includes individual attention and Q&A along-the-way.

A typical tutoring session is 60-minutes long and includes hands-on and visual instruction.

To learn more about using iPhone’s and the iPad, listen to our ‘Tech Tutor for Seniors’ podcast.

Individual and group rate pricing is available. Contact us by Phone/Text 630-642-6500 or by Email at with questions, or, to schedule a tutoring session.


This training is an excellent ‘activity’ for seniors, and is offered monthly in retirement centers across-the-country. Read this recent article. References available upon request.

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